25 Most Successful Entrepreneurs who dropped out of College


With so many work-from-home positions available that don’t require a degree, is accruing massive student loan debt really necessary? 

Depends, really. Some people view college as a place to network, meet new people, come out of their shell, and perhaps even gain degrees that will help them later in life.

On the other side, we also live in a society where anyone may launch a business, regardless of their age or level of education.

The following entrepreneurs succeeded after dropping out of college to pursue their aspirations, despite the fact that this argument has both merits and downsides.

1. Steve Jobs (Apple)

Dropped Out At 21

Jobs dropped out of Reed College in Oregon after just one semester. Jobs spent time in India on a backpacking trip after working briefly at Atari, and he also dabbled with psychedelic substances, both of which, according to Jobs, “opened his imagination and helped nurture Apple’s counterculture, ‘think different’ mentality.”

In his parents’ garage, Jobs and fellow college dropout Steve Wozniak created the Apple I in 1976. Jobs had a $11 billion net worth at the time of his death in 2011. Not just fortunate, but brilliant as well.

2. Henry Ford (Ford)

Dropped Out At 16

At the age of 16, Henry Ford left school, and in 1903 he established Ford Motor Company. He abandoned the well-known Model T and the production line by 1908, which had a profound impact on everyone’s lives and literally shaped the world. He would be worth $199 billion now if he were still alive.

3. Bill Gates (Microsoft)

Dropped Out At 19

In the fall of 1973, Gates enrolled at Harvard, but left two years later to co-found Microsoft with his childhood friend Paul Allen. He ultimately received an honorary degree from Harvard in 2007.

4. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

Dropped Out At 19

You must be familiar with Mark Zuckerberg. If not, he is the person who started Facebook, the website with the second-highest traffic in the entire globe. Recall the hoodie he sported at all of his public appearances and press conferences?

5. Larry Ellison (oracle)

Dropped Out At 20

Serial entrepreneur, programmer, and philanthropist Larry Ellison gained the majority of his billions through the global technology company Oracle. Oh, and he also owns “Larry Ellison Island,” a small island in Hawaii.

6. Amancio Ortega

Dropped Out At 14

At the age of 27, Ortega established his own business, producing high-quality yet reasonably priced clothing. In 1975, he launched his first retail location, Zara. The richest man in Spain right now is Ortega.

7. Michael Dell (Dell)

Dropped Out At 19

In college, Michael Dell really got the entrepreneurial bug. He eventually obtained a license from the State of Texas to submit bids for (big) contracts after starting to sell upgrade modules for personal computers from his hostel. What follows is history.

By 1992, Dell became the youngest CEO on the Fortune 500 list at 27. His net worth around $20 billion today.

8. Paul Allen (Microsoft)

Dropped Out At 20

This Microsoft co-founder is an avid sports fan and is the owner of both the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers and the Seattle Seahawks. He has a reputation for having fun with his money by purchasing absurd possessions like 400-foot ships and submarines.

9. Jan Koum ( Whatsapp)

Dropped Out At 20

Koum got $6.8 billion after Facebook paid $19 billion to acquire his mobile messaging business WhatsApp. He had initially left school to work at Yahoo, where he was in charge of infrastructure and security.

10. Les Wexner (L Brand) 

Dropped out at 22

Abercrombie & Fitch, Lane Bryant, Limited Too, and Express are a few of the most recognizable companies that Lex has grown over the years. By the way, he is the current owner of Victoria Secret and the shot caller.

11. Kirk Kerkorian (Tracinda)

Dropped out at 12

As the “father of the megaresort,” Kirk Kerkorian is credited with helping to create, define, and expand Las Vegas. Kirk, a former boxer and WWII fighter pilot who dropped out of eighth school, is the CEO of the thriving investment company Tracinda.

12. Larry Page (Google)

Dropped out at 21

Larry Page is credited for helping to launch the obscure website Google. Although he eventually left his PhD program, he formally received a degree from the University of Michigan. He is on the list because of the program.

13. Li Ka Shing (Cheung Kong Holdings)

Dropped out at 15

At the age of 15, Li Ka Shing began selling watch bands. He is currently the largest container terminal operator, health and beauty retailer, energy supplier, and real estate developer in the world.

14. Sheldon Adelson (Las Vegas Sands)

Dropped out at 19

Even if you might not recognize him, you might have celebrated your 21st birthday at one of his Las Vegas venues. Sheldon Adelson is a casino magnate in addition to owning the Israeli Daily and dabbling in politics.

15. Dustin Moskovitz (Facebook)

Dropped out at 21

According to Forbes, Moskovitz is the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. Dustin, the third employee of Facebook and Zuckerberg’s Harvard roommate, quit the company in 2008 to found his own software company, Asana.

16. Ralph Lauren 

Dropped out at 20

This multibillionaire fashion magnate attended school for business for two years before quitting. After leaving his job as a cashier at Brooks Brothers in 1967, Lauren sold ties for $500,000 in total. The following year, he began Polo.

17. David Green (Hobby Lobby)

Dropped out at 20

Catholic philanthropist and Hobby Lobby’s billionaire founder. not a college student. with a $600 loan, the Hobby Lobby chain was founded.

18. Richard Branson (Virgin)

Dropped out at 16

Ironically, he left school to found “Student,” a magazine for young people. After relocating to London in the 1960s, he founded Virgin, a “mail-order” record label, to raise money for Student. An airline, a beverage factory, and more than 400 other businesses are part of Branson’s empire.

19. Subhash Chandra (zee network)

Dropped out at 12

In 1992, Dr. Chandra, known as the Media Moghul of India, revolutionized the television industry by launching the nation’s first Hindi-language satellite station. 167 nations presently host more than 500 million viewers of the Zee Network.

20. Walt Disney (Disney)

Dropped out at 16

Walt Disney left school when he was 16 and started his own business, which today generates nearly $30 billion in revenue annually. He is acknowledged as the greatest animator to have ever lived.

21. Evan Williams

Dropped out at 19

Williams is a co-founder of Square and one of the founders of Twitter. Prior to each of the aforementioned businesses, he co-founded the popular podcasting business Odeo. 


22. Hiroshi Yamauchi (Nintendo)

Dropped out at 22

Yamauchi left school to take over the business his family founded in 1889. For 55 years, he served as Nintendo’s third president, helping the company grow from a modest card manufacturer to a major force in the video game industry.

23. Jack Dorsey (Twitter)

Dropped out at 20

Dorsey is a founding member of Twitter, the CEO of Square, and a current member of the Disney board of directors. He is frequently referred to as the “cool” tech man.

24. Sean Parker (FaceBook)

Dropped Out at 14

He is one of the co-founders of the famous music-sharing website Napster, which forever altered the music business. Owning 28.2% of the B shares, he later served as Facebook’s first president. 


25. Orji Uzor Kalu (Slok)

Dropped out at 20

The war survivor and billionaire from Nigeria acquired his fortune in television and media following his expulsion from college for inciting student riots and borrowing $35 from his mother.

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