Top 10 Biggest Houses In The World – Sizes, location, Estimated Value & Photos


Some people want their home to be a place where they may store special objects. Others want for the perfect location to throw events and live life to the fullest. Limits don’t apply to the largest houses, though. They are capable of both and so much more. 

The largest homes in the world have all it takes to impress, whether it’s a 27-story tower with 600 staff members or a centuries-old palace prepared to receive the most illustrious dignitaries. 

Nearly 10,000 square foot master bedrooms are just the top of the iceberg of amenities, which also includes bowling alleys, 100-car garages, and many swimming pools. And what good is a large house if you can’t host a feast for more than 5,000 guests?

The largest houses on earth are prepared for whatever you can throw at them and span practically every corner of the planet. with plenty of space to spare.

Top 10 Biggest Houses In The World

#10. The One — 74,000 sq ft

Size: 74,000 sq ft / 6,900 m2
Location: Bel Air, California, USA
Estimated value:$500 million
Owner:Nile Niami
Built in:2013

Nile Niami wanted to build a home that only a select few individuals could afford, making it one of the largest in the world. the kind of folks who seek out something no one else possesses. 

And the task has been completed after facing numerous legal obstacles. The latest zoning laws in Bel Air, however, make it improbable that it will ever happen again in the neighborhood. 

The One is equipped to host great parties without requiring you to leave the comfort of your home. It has a four-lane bowling alley, a 45-seat movie theater, and a complete indoor/outdoor nightclub with a VIP section.

This lovely, spacious home also features a master suite with 5,000 square feet to spread out in and a garage big enough to fit as many pricey automobiles as a museum.

#9. Villa Leopolda — 80,000 sq ft

Size: 80,000 sq ft / 7,400 m2
Location: Villefranche-sur-Mer, France
Estimated value:$750 million
Owner: Mikhail Prokhorov
Built in:1931

The French Riviera is renowned as a breathtakingly beautiful area with breathtaking views and wonderful seas. It’s sometimes referred to as a playground for the wealthy, and Villa Leopolda may be the ideal illustration of that idea. 

There is more than enough room for all the fun you can think of, with 19 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms distributed among the main structure and two guest houses. 

If the inside doesn’t appeal to you, go outside and have a swim in one of the 12 pools, stroll through the vast gardens, or visit the commercial greenhouse.

#8. La Reverie — 84,600 sq ft

Size: 84,600 sq ft / 7,900 m2
Location: Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Estimated value: $111 million
Owner: Steven Schonfeld
Built in: 2001

What transpires when one of the most well-known hair product firms is founded? With all you want, you construct massive houses. 

With over 350 feet of oceanfront property in Palm Beach, Sydell Miller commissioned architect Jeffery Smith to create one of the largest residences in the country. Steven Schonfeld, a hedge fund manager, bought it in 2019, when it changed hands. 

It is one of the largest residences in America, with 10 rooms, a lavish library, and a basement with a bowling alley and a game area. Large Roman arches over the window and loggia openings can be seen on the outside, which is made of stone.

#7. Modern Versailles — 85,000 sq ft

Size: 85,000 sq ft / 7,900 m2
Location:Windermere, Florida, USA
Estimated value: $100 million
Owner: Jacqueline and David Siegel
Built in: 20222022

Building the biggest house in the US is a huge undertaking, as you may expect. This enormous residence is being built in Florida’s affluent Orange County and is scheduled to be finished in 2022. 

What is the benefit of such a protracted wait? How about a 30-car garage, 11 kitchens, and an 8,000 square foot master bedroom? There are two elevators on the property, and one of them reportedly makes heavy use of gold. 

The Siegels’ famous line from the film Queen of Versailles was, “We’re sorry we ever started. But now that we have $50 million invested, it must be finished.”

#6. Witanhurst — 90,000 sq ft

Bing maps view of Witanhurst House, London Date unknown ***INTERNET IMAGE***
Size: 90,000 sq ft / 8,400 m2
Location:London, UK
Estimated value:$450 million
Owner:Safran Holdings, Andrey Guryev
Built in: 1913

George Hubbard, an architect, created the second-largest house in the UK, which was constructed over a century ago. 

Its stated state of decay prior to its 2008 sale to Russian entrepreneur Andrey Guryev demonstrates how even the largest homes are susceptible to the same laws of aging as ordinary houses. 

It now has 25 bedrooms, a gym, a sauna, a movie theater, and a billiards area available for guests to use. We can only hope that the relatively new owner will take better care of it than the previous ones did.

#5. Safra Mansion — 117,000 sq ft

Size: 117,000 sq ft / 10,900 m2
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Estimated value:Unknown
Owner:Vicky Safra
Built in:1895

Sao Paulo’s upscale Morumbi neighborhood is home to the Safra Manion, which is concealed by a substantial number of security gates. Unfortunately, not much information about this enormous mansion is accessible to the general public. 

We are aware that it has a sizable 117,000 square feet of space, at least 130 rooms, and numerous pools. 

Perhaps the reclusive Safra family, who also possess one of the most costly homes in the world, will one day throw open the doors to let the world know what’s hidden inside one of the biggest homes on earth. You’ll have to use your imagination freely in the interim, though.

#4. Biltmore Estate — 175,000 sq ft

Size: 175,000 sq ft / 16,300 m2
Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Estimated value:$157 million
Owner: The Biltmore Company
Built in: 1889

The luxurious Biltmore Estate was built by the illustrious Vanderbilt family. There are an amazing 250 rooms, together with 43 bathrooms. Additionally, if you enjoy reading a lot, the 23,000-book library can make you drool even more than the three kitchens. 

The largest house in America was built with elements from French châteaux, including a wide lawn and numerous gardens. With that much vegetation, the two specific water sources are an essential component of the problem. 

Would you want to visit the interior? happy news Along with lodging for visitors on the same property, the enormous estate is open for public tours.

#3. Antilia — 400,000 sq ft

Size: 400,000 sq ft / 37,000 m2
Location: Mumbai, India
Estimated value: $2 billion
Owner: Mukesh Ambani
Built in:2006

Some wealthy individuals prefer to travel to open areas with expansive estates remote from crowded areas. However, Mukesh Ambani is not one of them. 

His 27-story skyscraper soars over the nearby structures and is adorned with the height of opulence. It has multiple guest suites, a rooftop helipad with room for three helicopters, and parking for 168 of his favorite rides. 

However, what billionaire’s mansion would be complete without an indoor pool, a theater, and numerous spas and fitness centers? but not this one. Oh, and there are 600 employees working there to manage operations.

#2. Buckingham Palace — 828,800 sq ft

Size: 828,800 sq ft / 77,000 m2
Location: London, UK
Estimated value:$6.7 billion
Owner:Crown Estates
Built in:1703

As the residence of the British queen, Buckingham Palace has played a significant role in world politics and culture for more than three centuries. Additionally, it features a direct underground tunnel connection to the Houses of Parliament. 

Its 19 staterooms can accommodate any dignitary, and its 775 rooms and 78 bathrooms guarantee that nobody will feel crowded. 

There are public tours accessible of the 48-acre Buckingham Palace Gardens and some of the interior, unlike most of the other largest residences on this list. Just make sure to reserve your seats well enough in advance.

#1. Istana Nurul Iman — 2.15 million sq ft

Size: 2.15 million sq ft / 200,000 m2
Location: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Estimated value:$1.4 billion
Owner: Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah
Built in: 19841984

Finding the venue could be difficult if you’re planning a party for 5,000 of your best friends. With the exception of the Sultan of Brunel. 

A 1,500-person mosque, 257 bathrooms, 1,788 rooms, and, of course, a 5,000-person banquet hall are all features of the Light of Faith Palace. With 110 spots, the garage is absurdly large, and the air-conditioned stable can house more than 200 horses. 

What is the world’s largest house? It is a stunning architectural achievement by Leandro V. Locsin, measuring more than 2 million square feet.

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