The world’s largest superyacht may have a new Billionaire owner soon.


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The world’s largest superyacht, Azzam, might soon have a new rich owner. The $600 million vessel, which was built by an army of 4,000 trained craftsmen, is a floating mansion in and of itself.

Those who own magnificent houses and castles on land frequently extend their love of palaces to the seas. That is how lesser mortals experience the magnificence of superyachts like Azzam, their jaws dropping and their eyes wide open.

The 590-foot Azzam superyacht is undoubtedly a floating castle; it is a Lurssen masterpiece and the world’s largest superyacht. The owner of such an item cannot be a common person; even being a billionaire will not suffice. The President of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the wealthiest emirate in the UAE and one of the wealthiest men on the planet, commissioned Azzam.

The world's largest superyacht may have a new Billionaire owner soon.

When a man with a net worth of tens of billions of dollars and a real estate portfolio that includes hundreds of villas, palaces, and castles, his yacht must match, and Azzam’s yacht did!

Azzam is unquestionably a great treasure that her owner deserves. Unfortunately, the owner abandoned Azzam when the UAE’s second president died on May 13th at the age of 73, according to Yacht Harbour. Azzam will soon be under new ownership or, more likely, will be put up for sale if the family decides to sell it. The owner is said to have taken great care in having the ship built to his exact specifications.

Azzam was originally much smaller, but due to the Sheikh’s directions, it grew to become the world’s largest private-owned megayacht and a floating luxury palace suited for royalty. For the time being, Azzam’s future is unknown, but it will be fascinating to watch where new owners will take this wonderful pleasure craft.

The magnificent Azzam superyacht’s ultra-luxurious features

The world's largest superyacht may have a new Billionaire owner soon.

The Azzam boat is full of surprises. She was, after all, the valued possession of the man who gave the Burj Khalifa its name. Azzam was built by Lurssen in 2013. It has held the title of world’s largest superyacht since then. Lurssen accomplished the impossible by constructing the mammoth in less than three years with the help of an army of 4,000 people.

The world's largest superyacht may have a new Billionaire owner soon.

The interior design of this undersea wonder was assigned to French designer Christophe Leoni, who had previously worked on the owner’s houses and palaces. To reproduce the Empire style of the early nineteenth century, the creative designer used finely veneered wood furniture with mother of pearl marquetry.

Azzam has five decks and can accommodate 36 passengers on a once-in-a-lifetime excursion while being looked after by a staff of 70. A luxury ship like Azzam has every facility imaginable, including a private theater, a helipad, and the world’s largest glass-encased salon. A specifically built and engineered chandelier adorns the salon and does not rattle even at full speed. In addition to a golf training facility, a gym, and a swimming pool, the world’s largest private yacht boasts an onboard golf training facility.

This boat isn’t only pretty; despite its small, the Azzam can sail as swiftly as a Navy frigate, with a top speed of 32 knots. With roughly 97,000 horsepower, the huge yacht is powered by two large gasoline engines and two diesel engines via four pump jets.

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