Semah, Flavour’s adopted son, has reached adulthood (Photos)


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On social media, stunning new images of Semah G weifur, the adopted son of Nigerian singer Flavour, have surfaced. 

Semah, a Liberian who was born blind, was surviving with the aid of the Christian Association of the Blind, an NGO with headquarters in Monrovia (CAB). 

In March 2017, Flavour found him in Liberia, and ever then, he has been a part of his life. He took him in after seeing him sing at a gathering in 2017.

Despite being born blind, Semah had a deep desire to become a gospel musician, and when Flavour entered his life, his dream came true. Most High, a gospel song by Flavour and Semah, became an instant hit. 

They are quite close. They collaborate on shows and tours, and Semah even engages in playtime with Flavor’s biological kids.

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