Pictures of Davido, Warri Pikin, and others wearing NYSC uniforms have surfaced, and the reactions are hilarious.


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In certain regions of Nigeria, students are required to participate in the NYSC, a one-year mandatory program.

Others, like Davido, looked nice in the uniform and it’s not really a throwback, even though several celebrities went through this time before to becoming famous.

It is practically impossible for people to imagine how they seemed as recent graduates from college when they had to serve their NYSC before they became famous and wealthy.

Many claim that Davido, who entered the program with the OBO swag, had no idea what was happening for the entire year.

Chinedu Ikedieze, also known as Aki, managed to fit into his uniform—almost—and it seemed that all he did to change throughout the years was to just add more flesh.

Kenneth Okonkwo served his country before he joined Nollywood and the blood money mafia. The fact that Kizz Daniel, unquestionably one of the best male singers, couldn’t appear like he could ‘buga’ a few years ago has startled fans.

Adekunle Gold has always been glowing up, but his funny NYSC throwback is still worth seeing. Real Warri Pikin, a comedienne, is now a huge madam, and her NYSC throwback is still one of the best available.

Zlatan also committed a year to serving his country, whatever how obnoxious he may be or advise his followers to be. It is evident from this image that comedian Ushbebe has always been a hilarious guy.

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Adekunle Gold Before & After
zlatan Before & After
kizzdaniel Before & After
Aki Before & After
Ushbebe before & after
Davido Before and After
Real Warri Pikin Before & After
Keneth Okonkwo Before and After
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