Space Perspective Unveils World’s First Space Lounge


With the recent unveiling of Spaceship Neptune’s patented, customizable Space Lounge interior, Space Perspective, the Earth’s leading luxury spaceflight experience company, is now ready to advance a more profound appreciation of planet Earth and the interconnection of the human race.

The only carbon-neutral, zero-emission approach to space, Spaceship Neptune prioritizes safety, spectacular views, and connection between Space Explorers in its groundbreaking design, which includes a bar handcrafted from proprietary materials recycled from the capsule’s distinctive SpaceBalloonTM. The revolutionary 360-degree panoramic windows will be the largest ever launched to space (0.56 meters wide x 1.54 meters height). There will be a view from the restroom as well!

Space Perspective is transforming space tourism, as it is a far distance from previous rocket-powered space missions. Passengers can glide for two hours at the edge of space in a climate-controlled, pressurized capsule pushed by a state-of-the-art SpaceBalloon, taking in the beauty of Earth within the expanse of space. Lift-off happens at dawn so that passengers may see the sunrise while climbing 100,000 feet (20 miles/30 kilometers).

The two-hour descent to Earth ends with a splash in the water, where the passengers, the capsule, and the SpaceBalloon are retrieved by a ship. While smoothly climbing at a cruise speed of 12mph, every feature of the inside has been engineered to enhance the views.

“Our objective is to encourage Space Explorers to become more connected to our planet and one another, and the environment in which they travel with us plays a critical role in this.”

“Our Space Lounge is a far cry from the white, utilitarian surroundings found on other spacecraft,” says Jane Poynter, Space Perspective’s Founder, Co-CEO, and Chief Experience Officer.

David Grutman, a hospitality and entertainment entrepreneur, has joined Space Perspective as a Journey Curator to advise on the Space Explorer’s end-to-end experience, from arrival at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida to in-flight and post-landing.

The design team began work on the comprehensive interior design, producing the elegant, safe, and comfortable Space Lounge, after establishing a near 360-degree panoramic view that seems seamless to the human eye and capsule arrangement. In addition to graphics, Space Perspective is providing an interactive video walk-through of the Space Lounge, which includes everything from unique Neptune drink cups to a specially crafted dessert.

Components of the capsule

#1. Deep, reclining seats can be adjusted to suit a more intimate supper for two or a special gathering, allowing Space Explorers to appreciate both the vista and each other.

#2. To prevent glare and reflection, the interior uses light weight, dark, and tactile sustainable materials.

#3. Food and beverage service capabilities, including a customized bar top made from pellets created from Space Perspective’s pioneering recyclable material, SpaceBalloons.

#4. The middle of the capsule has been left open to allow for group photos (WiFi is also available in-flight). Stretching and strolling around are very simple to do.

#5. Space Explorers will be able to absorb the spectacular sights of witnessing daybreak, planet Earth, and stars overhead in space – while effortlessly making their way about the Space Lounge, thanks to customizable mood lighting, including low red LED lights.

#6. A telescope and interactive screens – including an overhead ‘donut’ scrolling display to share key information as the journey progresses – are available.

#7. Floor lamps, plants, and herbs like as lavender, basil, and rosemary, which are utilized in food and drink preparation, are among the tasteful decorations. The plants serve as a reminder of our planet’s interconnectedness.

#8. A beautiful restroom with large windows so Space Explorers don’t miss out on the breathtaking vistas.

Commercial flights will begin in late 2024, with 600 tickets already sold. Space Perspective is now taking reservations for 2025 and beyond, after the first year’s seats were completely sold out. Tickets are priced at a market-beating $125,000 per person, with bookings beginning at $1,000 with a fully refundable deposit.

Reservations are also available for entire capsules (up to eight guests and a pilot). The FAA Office of Commercial Spaceflight oversees Space Perspective’s human spaceflight launches.

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