15 luxurious ocean liners from all over the world


Do you fantasize of sailing the high seas or seeing a variety of tropical and foreign islands? If so, you can accomplish it elegantly rather than roughing it. 

Several companies operate enormous cruise ships all over the world. You’ll have a better notion of how enormous one is if you’ve ever seen one in a port. Mega cruise ships frequently carry populations the size of a small town with a wide range of services matching facilities and activities.

Here are 15 luxurious ocean liners from all over the world.

#1. Symphony of the Seas

It’s a gigantic ship, the Symphony of the Seas. Currently the largest cruise ship in the world, she sailed the Mediterranean in 2018. The next route is to the Caribbean. From couples to those looking for large interconnecting suites, rooms can accommodate everyone.

15 luxurious ocean liners from all over the world

Two-story cabins offer stairs or a slide to descend into the living area if you’re a family searching for entertainment! You can arrange a basketball team to play on their court or go zip-lining. Alternately, you can unwind in a park with a tropical garden if you’re missing nature and solid ground.

15 luxurious ocean liners from all over the world

#2. Explorer of the Seas

Explore of Seas - 15 luxurious ocean liners from all over the world

She lives up to her name, the Explorer of the Seas. But this is more than just a cruise ship for tourists to enjoy. An onboard laboratory on the ship transmits oceanic and atmospheric data to the University of Miami. She takes itineraries that go around Alaska and the South Pacific islands.

15 luxurious ocean liners from all over the world

Cabins and suites make the most of the vistas through their windows and balconies. On board, you can try ice skating, rock climbing, and wave surfing.

#3. Navigator of the Seas

In the Navigator of the Seas’ staterooms, floor to ceiling windows provide vistas from your bed as you set sail.

There is an outside movie screen if you feel like watching one while sailing through the Bahamas and the Caribbean. You can enroll in dancing, language, and scuba diving training if you’re eager to pick up new talents. Once you land, you’ll be prepared to socialize!

#4. Mariner of the Seas

like short bursts of excitement, action, or adventure? Weekend and quick vacations to the Bahamas and the Caribbean are available on the Mariner of the Seas. On board, you can trampoline bungee. For those who don’t just want to relax by the bar by the pool and eat in style, the ship also offers fitness cruises.

#5. Splendida 

The Splendida offers basic to opulent suits with butler service for all price ranges. The town square, which is decorated in Italian style, invites you to hang out and socialize. This ship also takes pride in being environmentally friendly. To lessen its influence on the environment, it takes a number of steps. This ship usually sails the Mediterranean and is currently sailing the Middle East and Asia.

#6. Fantasia

Offering passengers a real European and Mediterranean experience is something that The Fantasia takes great pleasure on. You can luxuriate in Italian wine, cheese, and tapas, as well as a Monte Carlo casino. You can unwind in Turkish baths and eat beneath chandeliers made of Murano glass.

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#7. Voyager of the Seas

The Voyager of the Seas is a marvel of Australia. It will transport you to Southeast Asia, Australasia, and the South Pacific Islands. The Royal Promenade, which spans the majority of the ship’s length, is the center of life on board.

The marble promenade’s floor is lined with eateries, bars, and boutiques. Room service is offered every hour if you’d rather relax in your cabin.

#8. Divina

Divinia is named in honor of Sophia Loren, an Italian actress. As a result, this ship has a small amount of the gloss and glitterati you would anticipate. Brazilian dancers kick the party off, and Swarovski crystals are strung along the staircases. This European ship welcomes families and is also informal. For families with children, it provides discounts in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

#9. Allure of the Seas

The Allure of the Seas, a frequent award recipient, can be explored virtually using Google Street View. The ship’s shopping promenade is totally powered by solar energy.

15 luxurious ocean liners from all over the world

There are seven distinct “neighborhoods” on the ship, each with its own vibe. One of the 18 decks of the ship’s bars spans three levels. So while you’re sailing between Florida and the Caribbean, there’s a lot to discover.

#10. Freedom of the Seas

Imagine relaxing on the edge of a ship in a cantilevered whirlpool. This experience is provided by the adults-only solarium on the Freedom of the Seas.

15 luxurious ocean liners from all over the world

Alternately, you can go swimming in one of the water park’s three additional pool sections. This ship can be seen traversing the American, Caribbean, and Mediterranean seas.

11. Liberty of the Seas

They like to refer to the Liberty of the Seas as super-sized, just like the state that this ship sails from, Texas. On your route to and from the Caribbean, you can surf on a board while sliding down five enormous water slides. On the Royal Promenade, travelers can buy. Alternately, take see the Saturday Night Fever Broadway show.

#12. Queen Mary 2

An ocean liner that frequently travels the transatlantic route is the Queen Mary 2. Once a year, the ship also provides an around-the-world cruise. The food is international in origin. Libraries and luxurious ballrooms are available. They welcome both cats and dogs, so feel free to bring them along and spoil them.

#13. Independence of the Seas

The Independence of the Seas sails to the Caribbean frequently from Florida. In Europe and the Mediterranean region, there are certain seasons.

15 luxurious ocean liners from all over the world

A heavy metal festival is also held on the ship every year. early in each New Year, the seas between Miami and the Caribbean rock.

#14. Adventure of the Seas

The Adventure of the Seas visits islands in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the US and Canadian coasts. You can relax in the spa while aboard the ship. The Skylight Wedding Chapel at the top of the ship can accommodate you and about 40 guests if you want to get married while at sea.

#15. Norwegian Epic

15 luxurious ocean liners from all over the world

The Norwegian epic might take you to Europe or the Americas, depending on the season. Cruises to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas are available on this transatlantic ship. Families, couples, and lone travelers can stay on any of the 19 decks. Enjoy dancing? Additionally, they hold a yearly dance party cruise.

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