BBNAIJA: Love triangle as Groovy admits his feelings for Chomzy (Video)


Groovy, has finally manned up and admitted his feelings for Level Two housemate, Beauty.

At the Saturday night party, there was a lot of drama and developing relationships. 

Groovy revealed to Daniella during a private conversation that he likes Chomzy. 

He claimed that his emotions were involved in his relationship with Beauty and that he fantasized about spending time outside with her. 

But he acknowledged that he still has feelings for Chomzy. 

He claims that now that Beauty is out of the picture, he realizes that he still has feelings for the light-skinned beauty, and he intends to tell her about them.

Groovy stepped forward and opened up to Chomzy. 

While speaking with Chichi, Chomzy also acknowledged that she like Groovy. 

She said she liked Eloswag and Groovy. 

Chichi gave her advice and advised her to tread carefully.

Chomzy: I like Groovy and I like Eloswag

Chichi: Do you want to be with someone that you know has a girl just that the girl left the house

Chomzy: He spoke to me but told me not to tell anyone

Chichi: If a guy really like you he will not want you to keep it secret.

The two housemates are going through a difficult time because they are dating people they also have feelings for. 

The presence of Eloswag, Phyna, Amaka, and Ilebaye would make it difficult for these two to fall in love.

Earlier on, Beauty and Groovy got into another ugly argument over his flirty overtures toward Chomzy, which caused chaos among the Big Brother Naija Level Up housemates. 

Beauty confronted Groovy about dancing with Level 1 housemate Chomzy at their customary Saturday night celebration, which quickly turned sour. 

Beauty had made it clear that she disliked Chomzy and had cautioned her partner not to get close to her at the party. 

Despite not considering Chomzy to be a friend, Beauty accused him of dancing with her.

For the first time, Groovy defended himself, stating that Chomzy had approached him while he was still in his lane. He added that despite the Level 2 housemate being all over him during the party, he had managed to avoid her. 

Insisting that he was the one holding her, Beauty claimed that she had embarrassed herself at the party by dragging him away from Chomzy. She didn’t buy his explanation. 

Beauty informed him that, despite their unresolved quarrel, he may dance with all other girls but Chomzy. 

Housemates’ interference made the argument last all night.

Phyna attempted to diffuse the situation since she was annoyed with Beauty for constantly viewing Chomzy as a danger. Sadly, the two got into a fight when Beauty labeled Phyna a hypocrite. 

Another round of argument would have started after Phyna took exception to the name-calling, but the other housemates intervened to keep them apart. 

Before Cyph intervened and brought order, Beauty and Amaka had a fight. 

In the level 1 residence, Chomzy was attempting to figure out why Beauty didn’t like her. 

Chomzy came to the conclusion that Beauty was fighting with her because she felt threatened by her presence. 

Chomzy was forced to come down from her perch while Doyin defended Beauty.

She claimed that the Level 2 housemate’s behavior was caused by her intoxication. 

At the celebration the next Saturday, Chomzy pledged to dance with Groovy and pepper Beauty. Her efforts were in vain, though, since Beauty was eliminated.

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