Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian: What genuinely transpired between?


Long-running rumors claim that Justin Bieber formerly had a relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, the oldest of the renowned Kardashian-Jenner sisters. What actually transpired between the two celebrities, and does the rumors of their romance have any basis in reality? The singer’s and the reality star’s relationship is described below.

Both Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian denied dating rumors. 

After the two celebrities were pictured together at The Nice Guy in October 2015, there were romance rumors circulating about Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber. Separately, they made their way to the West Hollywood eatery, but then left together in Justin Bieber’s automobile.

The reported couple afterwards went to Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights, where the “Peaches” singer “was walking with his arm around Kardashian and joking with her about being afraid,” an onlooker told ET. On his Instagram, Bieber posted a black and white image of Kardashian to remember the occasion. 

More times than not, the two celebrities were seen together. In December 2015, ET reported that Bieber and Kardashian were “nearly inseparable” at The Nice Guy once more.

The dating allegations were addressed by Bieber in an interview with The Bert Show. “Man, I’m getting used. How shall I begin? The performer jokingly (per People). “Anything there?” questioned host Bert Weiss. “Nah, we’ll leave it at that,” Bieber reacted. 

“No, no, but seriously, she’s fantastic,” he continued. I’ve known the family for a long time. 

Additionally, while blushing and beaming on The Ellen Show, Kardashian insisted that she and Bieber were “just friends.”

There were speculations that during their relationship, Justin Bieber fathered one of Kourtney Kardashian’s children. 

Mason Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s oldest child, was riding on Justin Bieber’s back in an Instagram picture she posted in March 2015 showing the two of them having fun in a pool.

Prior to this, the pop diva expressed a desire to have children quickly. He stated to Women’s Wear Daily in September 2011 that by the age of 25 or 26, he wanted to be “married or looking to have a family.” I desire to become a young father. 

Reign Kardashian’s youngest boy is said to be Bieber’s child, according to speculations. Some fans believe that Bieber and Kardashian hooked up after one of the reality star’s breakups with Scott Disick because the two celebs were rumored to have been dating around the time Reign was born. In an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Disick’s disapproving response to the pregnancy announcement stoked the rumors.

The reality personality and the singer have both dated individuals who were significantly older than they were. 

Although there is a 15-year age difference between Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber, both celebrities have demonstrated that they are not put off by it. 

Kardashian’s long-term and most well-known lover, Scott Disick, is four years younger than the reality star. Additionally, Kardashian has a 14-year age difference with model Younes Bendjima, who she intermittently dated from 2016 until 2020.

Adriana Lima, who is 13 years older than Justin Bieber, and Miranda Kerr, who is 11 years older, have been romantically associated with the singer. The age difference between Bieber and Kardashian does not appear to be a relationship-ending factor.

According to rumors, Justin Bieber’s wife has a rule that the singer isn’t allowed to hang out with Kourtney Kardashian.

There have been rumors that Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber have dated in the past after reading an article regarding the singer’s marriage to Hailey Bieber. 

According to a report by Your Tango titled “8 Strict Rules Justin And Hailey Bieber Make Each Other Follow To Maintain A Strong Marriage,” one of the stipulations in the marriage of the Biebers is that the “Sorry” singer is not allowed to hang out with Kardashian. 

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Following Kardashian’s most recent breakup with Younes Bendjima, Hailey is said to have implemented the rule after becoming engaged to Justin in 2018.

Soon after there were reports that the pop singer had been hooking up with Kardashian, Justin and Hailey started dating in 2016 (although they split up before getting back together in 2018). 

Hollywood Life said in August 2018 that “Hailey has every reason to feel threatened.” “Now that [Kourtney] is single, she [would] pursue Justin once more in a heartbeat.”

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