Doja Cat infuriated one of the Island Boys During a TikTok Live


Doja Cat was stuck in a TikTok Live session from Flyysoulja, one of the Island Boys, and the rapper didn’t hesitate to show her need to get off the live stream.

She even akwardly asked Flyysoulja where did she had to click in order for her to get off the stream, but the member of the Island Boys wasn’t to thrilled about the idea.

“How do I get you off Live?”, the singer asked, before adding that she didn’t want to participate in it and even asking for help.

“No offense, but I don’t want to do this anymore. How do I do it? Help!”

Flyysoulja wasn’t thrilled about Doja Cat’s comments and responded with a disgusted look.

“She wants to get me off the Live?

Are you serious? Okay, do you actually want to get me off Live? Your attention span is too little, huh?”

To what she said that indeed she had a really small attention span, while giggling

Flyysoulja became more combative and yelled at her as a result. 

Before the video closes, you can hear someone say, “Look at me!”

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