Elon Musk revealed why he wants to transform humans into “multi-planetary animals.”


In an essay he wrote for China Cyberspace magazine, Elon Musk talked about his goals for people to become “multi-planetary animals.”

According to Bloomberg, the magazine is administered by China’s main internet censor, the Cyberspace Administration of China, a potent organization that is in charge of several sizable corporations’ data protection.

According to a translation of the interview by Yang Liu, a journalist for Chinese state press agency, Xinhua, Musk stated that if “we can fly to a new home on a spaceship,” human civilization will be able to continue after Earth becomes uninhabitable.

Elon Musk revealed why he wants to transform humans into "multi-planetary animals."

The first stage, according to Musk, was to make space travel more affordable, which is what SpaceX was established to do.

The billionaire reportedly stated that he believed human civilization to be a “faint tiny candle” or a “shimmering light in the emptiness” that would require interplanetary travel to thrive.

Musk continued, saying that the development of “a self-sustaining city on Mars” is his “biggest hope.”

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX has frequently discussed his desire to settle Mars. According to the story, he wants to “construct at least 1,000 Starships to send groups of pioneers” to the planet with SpaceX.

Insider’s request for response from Elon Musk’s representatives was not immediately answered, although a spokesperson for Musk acknowledged to Bloomberg that Musk had written the piece.

The essay encourages “like-minded Chinese partners” to join Musk in exploring his vision for the future of space exploration and refers to readers as “Chinese friends” in the translation.

With output from its Shanghai Gigafactory accounting for half of its total global production in 2021 and surging to a record high in June 2022, China is already one of Tesla’s largest manufacturing hubs.

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