At Ed Sheeran’s Manchester performance, a lookalike of the singer was mobbed.


At one of the singer’s recent concerts, a lookalike of Ed Sheeran was asked to leave for his safety after being surrounded by fans taking selfies.
The aisles were stopped when Wes Byrne, an Oldham binman, was encircled during the concert at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium.
The 30-year-old claimed he frequently was mistaken for the singer and was thrilled to be upgraded to executive seats.

I frequently receive requests for selfies, but I wasn’t anticipating that, he added.
People started blocking the stairs after the first person requested a selfie, and security warned that there was a fire risk.

Although I do believe a few youngsters believed I was the real Ed, I wasn’t going to spoil their illusion for them. The majority of people understood I was a doppelganger, but they just wanted a picture with me.

Wes had already been confused for the singer on several occasions.
Wes claimed that when Sheeran was just entering into the music industry, he once had to provide his passport to an intoxicated music fan to prove his identity.

Because Ed wasn’t well-known at the time, Wes recounted, “at first I didn’t even know who they meant, but people were saying I was this guy.”
He was approached by a lookalike agency and hired to replace Sheeran in a 2019 Heinz commercial after being stopped “nearly every day” for selfies in 2018.

He said, “I filled in for him on all the side and back shots. It was wonderful that I also got to meet him.

For “as long as it lasts,” Wes said he will keep working as a doppelganger in addition to his position as a binman, adding that “whatever I get goes toward the mortgage.” I’ll only comply with requests for selfies as long as he is well-known and accepted. I’m simply going with it; I don’t worry about it.

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